Senarai Derma

Senarai derma dibawah adalah barangan dan servis yang diperlukan oleh Badan Kebajikan dibawah Giving Is Gold. Kami memohon kepada penderma bahawa menghormati dan memenuhi janji agar tidak mengecewakan mereka yang memerlukan.


1Door BellRequire one (1) unit of door alarm as the current one is faulty.Rumah KasihSelangor
2Clothes DryerWe have a full load of washing - all day! and now with the rainy season we find that we are unable to get our clothes dried on time. We will be grateful if we can be helped in this matter.Pertubuhan Rumah Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Home Of PeaceWilayah Persekutuan
32-Door Steel Wardrobe2-Door Wardrobe for the children to store their clothes and belonging. Preferably steel wardrobe for durability and lasting.Pusat Jagaan NuriWilayah Persekutuan
4LP Gas Cylinders - 14kgUse for daily cookingRumah Titian KasehWilayah Persekutuan
5Curtain - 4'3" X 6'11"Curtain for Boys Dormitory (Jalan Ledang) - Prayer RoomRumah Titian KasehWilayah Persekutuan
6School Bag - Secondary SchoolRequired school bag for 22 Secondary School ChildrenRumah Titian KasehWilayah Persekutuan
7School Shoes - Secondary School (Boys)Required 2 sets per personRumah Titian KasehWilayah Persekutuan
8School Shoes - Secondary School (Girls)Required 2 sets per personRumah Titian KasehWilayah Persekutuan
9School Uniform - Secondary School (Girls) School uniform for Secondary School Girls aged from 13 till 17 years old. Required 2 set of uniform per personRumah Titian KasehWilayah Persekutuan
10School Uniform - Secondary School (Boys)Required school uniform for Secondary School Boys (13 till 17 years old) - 2 set per personRumah Titian KasehWilayah Persekutuan
11Wall FanFor Boys dormitory (Jalan Ledang)Rumah Titian KasehWilayah Persekutuan
12Curtain - 6'4" X 6'7"Curtain for Boys Dormitory (Jalan Ledang) - Dorm areaRumah Titian KasehWilayah Persekutuan
13MyLexics Reading Programme In Bahasa MalaysiaWhy we need MyLexics ? 1) The CD consist of easy method to learn alphabets, phonics and the writing of letters. 2) A graded reader. 3) Very colourful and cheerful reading material. 4) Motivates children. 5) Accompanied by 10 workbooks which is also graded. 6) Spelling created by...Persatuan Dyslexia MalaysiaWilayah Persekutuan
14Fitzroy Reading ProgrammeWhy we need Fitzroy? 1) This is the most effective reading programme. 2) Consist of 10 books and a CD. 3) The books are small which are easy to hold. 4) The pictures are colourful and cheerful. 5) Text are bold and accurate for children of different age. 6) It is graded reader and suit...Persatuan Dyslexia MalaysiaWilayah Persekutuan
15ComputerComputer Facility for 5 children (5 sets of computer). Purpose: 1. Dyslexics learn better 2. Lessons made more interesting and effective 3. Motivation to the low esteems 4. Reading programme made easy * We are currently appealing to the Examination Board to allow dyslexics sit for standard...Persatuan Dyslexia MalaysiaWilayah Persekutuan
16PVC Piping LeakingPVC Piping connector is leaking. Required to replace the connector.Rumah Titian KasehWilayah Persekutuan
17Door LocksRequired to replace 3 door locks for Bathrooms and Prayer rooms.Rumah Titian KasehWilayah Persekutuan
18Down SpoutDown spout is leaking and required urgent repair.Rumah Titian KasehWilayah Persekutuan
19Rain GutterCurrent rain gutter is faulty and the rain water leaked over the children's walkway between the main hall and kitchen. Required urgent repair.Rumah Titian KasehWilayah Persekutuan
20ComputerRequires one unit of complete set of personal computer for the use of children's learning programme. Requires Microsoft Office software if possiblePersatuan Dyslexia MalaysiaWilayah Persekutuan