About Us

GivingIsGold is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program launched by Goldis Berhad, an investment company with private equity investments in Malaysia and China, and inspired by charities across Malaysia who often receive a lot of some items but not enough of others.

Through connecting donors with charity organizations, we hope to transform the lives of the less fortunate across Malaysia, starting here in the Klang Valley. We are happy and proud to have the opportunity to play our part in making a difference in this country through creating a platform that educates the public on giving charitably and facilitates an online community that allows Malaysia’s less fortunate to achieve better living standards.

With a commitment to giving back to society, GivingIsGold was brought to life on 22 November 2012.

GivingIsGold works closely with charitable and non-profit groups across Malaysia that support people in need, and is not affiliated with any religious groups or any other organizations.