Persatuan Dyslexia Malaysia

State: Wilayah Persekutuan
City: Kuala Lumpur

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Persatuan Dyslexia Malaysia is basically an education center with its headquarters located in JKR 3488 Jalan Ampang Hilir 4, 55000 Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. It has a total of 9 centers located all around Malaysia. The most obvious sympton of dyslexia is the difficulty in learning to read and write even though their intelligence is “normal”.

Dyslexia is more than just a reading problem, it is a syndrome (symptoms that often goes together). Problems usually include reading, spelling, pronunciation, recalling of words when speaking/writing and memorizing sequences.

Dyslexia is a specific learning disability – it affects only one area of learning. There appears to be a “glitch” in the neural wiring when it was first laid down during embryonic development, but this mis-wiring is confined to the specific neural system used for reading. A dyslexic child is different from a “slow learner” (low IQ), who finds all kinds of learning difficult.

Other areas of development are not affected and dyslexics demonstrate average or even higher levels of achievement in activities such as drawing and other visual arts, in music, in drama and in sports. They often think in very creative ways and may be good problem solvers.

In this school, they provide the Dyslexia student (usually sent by their parent). The opportunity to gain a preliminary education where the facilities provide a specific education syllabus dediated to Dyslexia children.