Agathians Shelter

State: Selangor
City: Petaling Jaya

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The birth of AGATHIANS SHELTER is best described to go hand in hand with the saying “a help in need is a help indeed”.

AGATHIANS SHELTER is an orphanage for boys that was founded in 2003 by a team of young adults. It was set up to save a group of children from the streets and to provide a home for them. The children are from various backgrounds; some are orphaned, some only have a single parent who can not afford to feed them while others are either abandoned or neglected. Our volunteers then decided to start a home to care and house these children.

The Home is managed by 10 committee members. The Home employs 4 full time staff as caretakers and a volunteer as administrator to handle the day-to-day administration work.

That was how AGATHIANS SHELTER was born.

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